New doors and windows will save you money on energy and
will help improve you home security.

Doors and windows keep unwanted weather outside. They are also some of the most important items in your home security. New doors and windows are designed to be energy efficient constructed with modern materials.

Did you know that installing modern, efficient doors and windows helps reduce the load on your Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment? These new, more efficient windows and doors will help you save money in energy and maintenance costs and will also make your home more comfortable.

If windows are the eyes to the soul of your home, entry doors are the portals to experiencing it. Whether it’s fiberglass or wood, adding a new front entry door is like putting a happy smile on your home.

New doors and windows also improve the curb appeal, security, and privacy of your home. Windows allow you free reign on the design of your home. Custom replacement windows may be cheaper than altering existing window openings for standard window products. Depending on the size and shape of the window you’re looking to replace, Teixeira Construction may be your most affordable option.

Here’s a little secret about replacement windows with Teixeira Construction – they’re all custom made. That’s right. No off-the-shelf product. Each window is made from the specific measurements of the one it is to replace. That makes it possible for us to replace just about any size and shape of window. There’s a lot of diversity as well as creativity in the architectural styles of homes in across the Massachusetts. Being able to replace any and all styles and shapes helps make our job fun.

Custom Windows and Doors

We offer custom designed and produced windows and doors.

Fiberglass or Wood  Entry doors

Best materials with
unbeatable durability

Custom Windows

No off-the-shelf product. Each window is made to fit the specific measurements of your project

XO Slider

High quality sliding door for your outside or inside projects.

Picture Window

Yes we can help you design and build your custom picture windows.


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